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Christian Mindfulness & Meditation — With Sarah Grace Young of Calming Grace

Thank you for joining this Listen-To-Learn episode of the Share Life Podcast. I'm joined by Sarah Grace Young, a follower of Jesus, wife, ex-pat, teacher, creative, introvert, and a blogger at; encouraging Christian mindfulness and meditation. She seeks to calm anxious minds by God's grace: and with faith, mindfulness, and journaling.

I'm excited to share this conversation I had with Sarah because the topic of Christian mindfulness and meditation is critical in our walk with Jesus (as difficult as it can be for us all) and highly relevant in the distracted world we live in. We're also told in scriptures to "take our thoughts captive", to "renew our minds", and to submit our will to Christ but we're not often taught how to do that. This conversation is intended to give us practical insights of which we can apply today.

In the following conversation, we're also going to discuss God, humanity's brokenness, keys to Christian mindfulness and meditation, the differences and similarities between Christian and other practices, the role of scripture, God constructed "safe places", our connection with God, and available tools that we should use or stay away from.

Discussion Topics

Here is a summary of the topics we cover in this conversation.

  • God's presence (contrasted with the state of humanity), the Holy Spirit, the key to Christian meditation/contemplation, and how these relate to prayer and worship.
  • The importance of knowing and meditating on Scripture, allowing God to "renew our minds" according to His Word, and the importance of Christ shaping our interpretation of Scripture.
  • How God's grace and forgiveness create a "safe space" for us to be ourselves with God, how we're to pray honestly and deeply, being open with Him without fear of condemnation. judgment, or shame, and how God's non-judging and loving presence allows us to bring the uncomfortable or difficult things in our hearts and minds to Him for healing.
  • Having an embodied, incarnational view of mindfulness, living in the present in our physical reality, knowing Christ is present with us, even in every day and the ordinary, 
  • How do these practices help us stay connected to God, the source of life and goodness? How do they foster God protecting (proactively) and rectifying us (reactively)?
  • How we can use tools like CBT and mindfulness to have self-awareness and control over how our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors influence each other? What about systems and software, like the app/movement 10 percent better or Calm? What about other religious practices?

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