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Lauren Hisey — How Openness To New Opportunities Facilitates Powerful Growth

Lauren Hisey — How Openness To New Opportunities Facilitates Powerful Growth

Welcome to another episode of Inspirational People. In this discussion, I get the opportunity of introducing you to a new friend and fellow business consultant, Lauren Hisey. 

In 2019, Lauren (a Lean Six Sigma specialist) transitioned from corporate America working with Nielson (and AT&T before that) to the Entrepreneur life as an independent coach and consultant. She now works with business owners to rapidly get from where they are to where they want to be.

We recently connected after I spoke at Kettering Executive Network about flourishing as a freelancer during a pandemic. As part of her 2020 goal of 100 lunch meetings, a campaign similar to the one I ran at the conclusion of my marketing business and launch as a freelancer, we had an initial one-on-one digital meeting and I invited her to share her helpful stories and insights on the podcast.

In this conversation, we talk about her jump from corporate America to independent consulting and the challenges that come with running a small business. We also explore the lessons learned in her transition, how she's navigating the cascading crises (health, economic, and social), the power of a continuous improvement mindset, maintaining boundaries with work, and why NOW is the time to embrace humility and openness within uncertainty.

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