Cheryl Mobley Discusses How We Can Stay Calm & Lead Effectively During A Pandemic

Cheryl Mobley Discusses How We Can Stay Calm & Lead Effectively During A Pandemic

Welcome to another episode of inspirational people. Today I get the great opportunity to introduce you to and chat with speaker, entrepreneur, and executive consultant, Cheryl Mobley. Cheryl and I were recently connected by a mutual friend, Jessica Lalley (who works with virtual speakers to get their message to a larger audience).

Cheryl has a unique and relevant background to the current Coronavirus crisis we're facing across the globe because of her work leading a hospital during the Ebola pandemic as well as her more recent efforts consulting with executives to make wise decisions. She's someone with experience we can all glean from during this time of uncertainty.

In our discussion, we talk about what it takes to lead effectively and stay calm when we don't feel that calm inside. We also explore decision making (good and bad), theory versus experience, working remotely, and the structure we all need to thrive in life (especially in crisis situations).

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