Duff Tucker: How To Stay Anchored & Live Intentionally When Facing Life's Uncertainties

Duff Tucker: How To Stay Anchored & Live Intentionally When Facing Life's Uncertainties

In this excellent episode of Inspirational People, I'm interviewing my friend and LDG (Leadership Development Group) leader Duff Tucker.

We recently met in the fall of 2019 through this LDG development group I'm participating in through Gwinnett Church, our community home. Duff is co-leading, giving us both the opportunity to connect in our monthly meetings, in-person meals before the crisis, and an off-site retreat. Duff also publishes podcast episode on his show, Winning @ Manhood.

In this interview, Duff Tucker and I discuss what living intentionally looks like and how a solid foundation anchors us in life and when storms come unexpectedly crashing in on us (like the current Coronavirus crisis). It is the hard work of building on bedrock, as opposed to sandy foundations, that sustain us during the hardest times of our life. 

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