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Matthew J. Diaz

The Last Day Of Regret: Interview With Matthew J. Diaz

"I don't want to live anymore!"

Those were the words, Matthew heard from his younger sister. It was a milestone moment he'd later recognize as part of the tragic unfolding over the following decade, ultimately leading to the death of his younger sibling. As part of my inspirational people interview series, I explore Matthew's story in this discussion below.

Originally, I know Matthew J. Diaz from Arizona where we both attended the same high school. Since he was a year older, I mostly knew him from a few visits to Bible study, around high school, and through his friendship with my older sister.

As I've been working through my commentary on Irresistible by Andy Stanley, Matthew helpfully chimed into one of the topics on Facebook, leading me to discover the recent launch of his new book, The Last Day of Regret (affiliate) about the disastrous moment in his life when he learned his younger sister was no longer alive.

The book fundamentally explores the suffering we face in this world, how our decisions affect those around us and overcoming the trauma we experience along the way.

Connecting With Matthew J. Diaz

If you'd like to connect with Matthew, or check out his book, use the following links.

Listen To The Discussion

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