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Why I'm Continuing This Writing Madness (Weekday Blogging)

Why I'm Continuing This Writing Madness (Weekday Blogging)

It's selfish of us to horde our wisdom. If we care about others, we have a sense of duty to share our life experiences and insights for the benefit of others. Creating a beyond-us system is the aim of the eighth achievement from my book, Path Of The Freelancer. Also, we can't fully understand something until we've taught both learning students and teaching teachers. So what are you doing about sharing your wisdom?
While I've only been on this earth just short of thirty-three years, I've had an extensive volume of life experiences and lessons learned. Simply put, I've got a lot to share and unless I ramp up my efforts, it's going to make it very challenging to share it all. 

Escape Velocity 

When spacecraft launch from earth, they need enough speed and momentum to escape the atmosphere to orbit the planet. With the momentum, I had before starting my weekday blogging challenge and the energy I added by writing weekdays in August, I want to discover how much momentum I can harness.
This is what happened with my freelancing business. After eight months of serendipitous and organic success, I decided to put the pedal to the metal and master what I was doing. I ended up writing a book about it, so it appears I may replicate this journey on the writing front. 

How Do I Juggle It All? 

The question I've had this year is, how will I go about juggling all of the work and projects I've got on my plate? And specifically, how do I maintain my income generating freelance business while building a financially sustainable writing career? August gave me some interesting insight on this question.
In August, I blogged every day and so the logic would be that my freelancing business would have gone down. Interesting enough, my freelancing business grew. I logged more hours in August than any other month in 2017. It was also the third best month overall for the volume of hours since I started freelancing in 2014. 
I experienced similar phenomena in 2016 when writing my first book. I would have expected my blog count to have gone down compared to the previous year, but I actually posted more blogs in 2016 while I was writing the book. A good amount of this is likely due to stretching my writing muscles, getting more focused, and leveraging the momentum. At least, that is my guess! Regardless, I found a way to excel at a high level in my freelancing work and as a writer. I've leveraged the energy from both to exceed expectations. 
The benefit of sustaining both is how it allows me the opportunity to get enough traction to begin creating an income outside of my freelance work. I can't afford to stop or pull back on my paying freelance work, but at the same time, I want to move towards my destination. So far, I'm able to do both. While this won't last forever, I'd like to make it work for at least another three years. 
Blogging weekdays through September will result in another twenty-one new blog posts. So for me, September is about continuing to push the flywheel and leverage the momentum I've tapped into. I'll continue blogging weekdays for four months, through the end of November where I'll end with my annual reflection point.  

The Weekday Blogging Team 

As part of the September Blogging Challenge, I will be joined by several others. Here is a list of my fellow weekday bloggers.
If you'd like to join us as we continue in October, let me know.

Weekday Blogging Challenge

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