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This Is One Thing I would Have Done Differently 12 Years Ago

Since we moved across the country from Arizona to Atlanta, I've been involved in numerous projects with different degrees of success and failure. 

But, among all of them the common denominator is that when one project ended, I had to start over from ground zero. I was not effective at channeling the energy during my transitions between seasons of life. 

Each time I started over, it felt like I had to start from the bottom and work my way up. When I reflected on this during my most recent transition to freelancing, I thought about what I could have done that would have allowed me to make these transitions while also transferring the energy from one to the other. 

My conclusion was to create and maintain a personal blog. Now, I started regularly blogging here in 2014, so a little over three years and it's been a vital tool for the success of my freelancing work. I actually bought the domain in 2011 but only posted a few times. 
It would have been powerful to have started it in 2005. Even if I only updated it on a quarterly basis, it would have given me a place to leverage my influence to benefit my projects and company. It would have allowed me to build and maintain relationships from my various ventures. 
It wasn't until 2013, our Sabbath year that I began using my personal website. I reactivated it as a way to help me sell our stuff as part of our intent to accelerate our student loan repayment and prepare for our upcoming move.
When I knew I was going to shut down the company, I decided to actively blog as a way to help me bring others along and build awareness about where I was heading and how I needed help. 
Now that I have the blog, it allows me to outlet my ideas and thoughts while also keeping my community up to date on my journey. Writing about my life's journey is a way to process what I'm going through and ideally inspire others in that process. Writing this way also allows me to explore and test ideas.
When I'm not sure what next strategic step to take for my ventures, I know writing for my personal blog will help me sort it out while also growing connections and relationships. Simply put, writing blogs will give me more influence to make a difference. So, expect this blog to continue as long as I'm alive. 

Photo by Corinne Kutz on Unsplash
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