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Three Ways to Boost your Sales Effectiveness

Three Ways to Boost your Sales Effectiveness [For PipelineDeals]

Early in the Noodlehead Marketing journey, I needed a tool to help me manage my contacts and sales pipeline. Originally I ended up using the simple CRM, Highrise. After awhile I needed a CRM that offered more functionality and reporting and eventually found the wonderful tool PipelineDeals (Affiliate Link).

Up until we shut down the company, this was the tool we used to help us organize and manage our sales pipeline and this partner was a perfect fit. Each time, they'd roll out updates and improvements they'd be right in line with what we needed. It was neat to work alongside a company which shared similiar values and approaches to the way we work. In addition to using their tool, I interacted with their team often, provided video testimonials and became a regular ambassador for their brand to those I met here in Atlanta.

In the last several months, I've been reaching out to others to help create exposure for Path Of The Freelancer. It was a no brainer for me to reach out to my friends at PipelineDeals and ask them if I could write a guest blog post. They accepted the request and after working out the details, the blog post about how to effectively boost sales effectiveness is now live. If you're in sales it's a insightful read. If not, share it with someone you know who is in sales.

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