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Jason Montoya Timecamp podcast interview

TimeCamp Podcast Interview: Stay On Top Of Your Work!

Earlier this year in May, Timecamp conducted a written interview exploring how I organize my projects, use timecamp, and tips for entrepreneurs. You can read it here.

Today, I'm happy to announce Timecamp invited me back for an audio interview on their podcast, Stay On Top Of Your Work. In this interview terrifically conducted by Kata Kurzawska, I share my story, talk about freelancing, Path of the Freelancer, how I use Timecamp, interesting books, motivation, other useful tools, and how I stay on top of my work. It's 35 minutes of helpful insights to help you grow you and your business. 

You can read the transcript and listen to the podcast on Timecamp's website here, or listen using the audio player below. 

Disclaimer: Some of the following are affiliate links, which means I get paid if you sign up.

The following tools were mentioned

The following books were mentioned

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