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These Are The Google Chrome Extensions I Actively Use

Are you still using Internet Explorer? If you're using Google Chrome, have you installed any extensions to give you more control and power over your browsing and work experience?

I'm an active user of Google's Chrome browser. I primarily switched (from Firefox) because of its speed and simple interface. Over the years I’ve installed and used a variety of extensions to powerup my internet experience. Here’s the list of add-ons I’m currently sporting.

My List Of Chrome Extensions

  • LastPass - LastPass is a free password management system. It stores all website logins and automatically logs into them when I visit their respective websites. I never have to remember my passwords again with this super helpful tool.
  • - This helpful extension works with my Gmail account to make scheduling meetings with people a breeze. When I send an email to schedule time with someone, I simply push the assistant button and it syncs up with my calendar. It also allows me to pick time ranges for the meeting. Once the respondent picks a time, we both receive an email with the appointment and it's automatically added to my calendar.
  • Colorzilla - Since I'm working on website improvements for myself and clients, this tool is helpful for knowing the exact color code used in a particular area of the website. I click the tool and click what color I want to identify, and it'll copy the hex color code for easy replication. 
  • Pocket - As I mentioned before, I'm reading and filtering a lot of content in my daily routine. While sorting through content can go fairly quickly, actually reading multiple articles can be time-consuming so if I want to read or watch something, but I need to do it later, I push the pocket button and it'll save it. When I'm ready to check it out, I go to my pocket app on the phone or their website to view all collected links.
  • Grammarly (affiliate) - This Chrome add-on is my writing wingman. Wherever I'm writing somewhere online, Grammarly is constantly checking to ensure I don't have any spelling or grammatical errors on my blog, email, and other places where I write. Take your writing up a notch and install this helpful component.
  • Buffer - Buffer is a social media sharing tool I use to share content on the web including my own blog posts. I simply click their browser button and I select my sharing settings. It pushes or schedules the content to be shared. It’s a nifty system that makes it easier to share links with others. 
  • The Great Suspender - Please note, the extension was removed from the Chrome app store for security problems. If you click the link it will direct you to an older version of the app - At times, I can have dozens of tabs open. With so many tabs open, it can hog a lot of processing resources and cause my computer to run slower. With the Great Suspender, it’ll pause idle tabs thus preserving resources and keeping the computer at top speed. If you find yourself with tons of open tabs, you’ll want to install this helpful plugin. 
  • Unsplash Instant - Unsplash is an online repository of wonderful free photos to use for professional or personal purposes. This great add-on will load one of their gorgeous photos whenever I open a new tab. Now instead of a boring white screen, I’ll get a great photo instead. 

These are the Google Chrome extensions that help me work more effectively. Which of these plugins will you be installing today?

Photo by Agnieszka Boeske on Unsplash

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