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Two Simple Actions To Make Your Meetings More Fruitful

Meetings are a great way to foster accountability and move projects forward. Unfortunately, they can also become a black hole of wasted time. So how do we do the first option and prevent the second problem? Two simple actions will do it.

To help us facilitate better meetings, here are the two simple and easy ways to transform meetings into highly productive time.  

First things first. When we start our meeting, let's visit (or revisit) the reason why the meeting was called and what we hope to accomplish by the end of our time together. In this activity, we're clarifying the vision so we can avoid distractions and move towards the goal. 

Last things last. When our meeting is coming to an end, about 15 minutes beforehand, lets pause, note our timing and discuss how effectively we've been at accomplishing our objective. If we haven't made enough progress, we've got some time to course-correct. Our other objective during this time is to clearly articulate our takeaways and who is responsible for making them happen. 

When we add these two ingredients to every meeting, we'll create an expectation of focus and progress. 

Now go ask for meeting expectations, check on them as the meeting progresses, and clearly define who will take the next steps!

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