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How Can I Motivate Myself To Work Hard?

How Can I Motivate Myself To Work Hard?

If we are not motivated to work hard we are likely missing Purpose and Vision.

Purpose is our why. Why are we working? Why should we get out of our comfort zone to do hard things?  Purpose propels us forward. It is what pushes us to do what we need or want to accomplish. 

Vision is our where. Where will working take us? Where will we end up when all is said and done? Vision pulls us forward.

In the carrot and stick analogy, purpose can act as our stick (push motivation) where vision can act as our carrot (pull motivation).

When we don't start something, it is likely because we don't have sufficient purpose. 

If we have the motivation to start something but not to finish, we likely have an insufficient vision (or confidence in it) for it.

When we combine a strong purpose and vision, we are able to start and finish what we set our mind to. This is the key to becoming an achiever.

Photo by Victoria Bilsborough on Unsplash


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