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Interview: Why We Resist Asking For Help

Ivan Alfaro now has me as a monthly guest on his podcast (From Pain to Gain) and youtube channel (Leaving the Rat Cage) for insightful discussions. In this conversation, we discuss why we resist asking for help. In this conversation, we are also joined by Ivan's wife, Dr. Stacy Mosmiles.

C.A.G.E. Framework

We walk through this topic using Ivan's C.A.G.E. framework which stands for Complacency, Atrophy, Guilt, and Escape.

Discussion Topics

Here's a list of the topics we hit on throughout our conversation.

  • Ivan's personal journey to becoming a better public speaker
  • What does it mean to be vigilant in our lives?
  • Co-dependency and inter-dependency
  • How trauma leads to personal atrophy
  • How our parental dynamics affect how we respond to help
  • How 10 years after I got stitches on a wound, one of the stitches never dissolved and was unable to heal until it was removed
  • Getting a handle on our feelings and what they are telling us
  • Generation patterns
  • How emotional pain and rejection relate to physical pain
  • The nature of sexual addiction in our culture
  • The cycle of shame and how we get out of it
  • The process of recovery
  • How contrast helps us grow
  • Developing a vision for our future

Listen to the Conversation

If you prefer to listen to the conversation, you can do so below or use this link.

Watch This Discussion

Click here to watch this conversation directly on Youtube here or using the embed below.

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