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How To Thrive In CORONAVIRUS CRISIS Complexity — Unlocking Leadership Mindtraps Discussion

How To Thrive In CORONAVIRUS CRISIS Complexity — Unlocking Leadership Mindtraps Discussion

Welcome to the first episode (listen or watch below) of my book discussions. If you've been following along the blog for any sustained amount of time, you've seen my various book commentaries. 

This previous effort infused with the current crisis inspired me to bring this book exploration process off the page and into your eyes and ears for topics that could help us better navigate the pandemic and its consequences.

Book Discussion Overview

In this first book discussion, we explore Unlocking Leadership Mindtraps: How To Thrive In Complexity by Jennifer Garvey Berger. You can explore my past book commentary here.

The book explores five quirks that in complexity trap us. The five mind traps are as follows.

  1. Trapped by Simple Stories: Your Desire for a Simple Story Blinds You to a Real One
  2. Trapped by Rightness: Just Because It Feels Right Doesn't Mean It Is Right
  3. Trapped by Agreement: Longing for Alignment Robs You of Good Ideas
  4. Trapped by Control: Trying to Take Charge Strips You of Influence
  5. Trapped by EGO: Shackled to Who You Are Now, You Can't Reach for Who You'll Be Next

Contextualizing The Conversation To The Current Health & Economic Crisis

In this episode, I explore the concepts with a friend and fellow reader of the book Cris Anzai, Technology Product Manager for

We don't just talk about the Mindtraps, we also contextualize how they specifically apply to the current coronavirus crisis we've all been thrust into without much warning. The pandemic has taken what was already a complex world and thrown additional layers of complications on top.

When you look around confused and unsure (or sure in the wrong direction), you might be wondering how to effectively navigate the roller coaster. This book and our discussion aim to give you ideas and examples to traverse the situation as wisely as possible. And perhaps, it is the ladder we discuss at the end which will give you a roadmap for the best way forward.

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