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A New And Better Business Requires A Transformed Founder

Whether it's directly the case or not, you must accept responsibility for the state of your small business. It is because of you that the company remains stuck. And, it will always regress to your level of incompetence. So, unless you change, nothing else will. Your frustration will play out perpetually, and it'll become a state of hell for you, and those in your orbit.

Your first step forward is acknowledging this reality, your responsibility, and moving through the process, not just to pay lip service, but to fundamentally go on a journey to change for the better. To see yourself as others do. To see who you really are, not how you idealistically perceive your self. And to get the raw words from those around you, about what it feels like being on the other side of you. 

Growth By Learning Along The Way

Do the hard work you should have done already.

"Pain + Reflection = Progress"  Ray Dalio, Principles

Lean into your discomfort, and learn through it. Embrace the power of aligning with others, the assurance of self-authoring from the inside out, and be willing to let go of your way of thinking and doing.

It's your mission to stop yourself from reacting and interacting with others in the way you always have. Pause, reflect and choose how you'll respond in a way that aligns with your personal vision of who you want to be. What you're weakest at, and the things you avoid like the plague, are likely the very details you must lean into to illuminate the pitfalls you continually fall into. 

And you need to not only take personal responsibility but also invite external accountability. Be honest with those around you, and those you look up to most about your struggle, and where you need to change.

Two Paths Forward (But Really Only One)

Your two choices are to either embrace or resist this change. The longer you resist, the harder and more severe your fall will be when things unravel. Unless you want to be a hermit for the rest of your life, this is not the path for you.

Embrace it now, and from a humble heart, you'll benefit from a rich growing experience. It'll be scary as you face the terror of within, and from your past. You'll have to look at parts of you that are decaying and broken. You'll no longer be able to live under the allusion that you're a magnificent wonderful being worthy of people following you to the ends of the earth (Yep, it's time to do major surgery on removing your own narcissism).

Broken, and contrite you'll feel vulnerable, but you'll also have a wonderful opportunity to step up and lead those around you from a new and better foundation. And, you'll be more thoughtful and wiser as you lead them towards a clear and focused destination.

Accept your limitations, embrace your fear, grow through your weakness, and choose the neglected path forward. It is this step that is most important. Steps two, three, and four are critical for the jump, but they are also a series of tests to further enforce this one. Without this personal transformation, none of the others will lead to your goal.

There are no shortcuts. 

Photo by Suzanne D. Williams on Unsplash

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