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Yeah, The Thing You’re Looking For, It Could Be Right In Front Of You

In 2012, my company was homeless as the result of our office flooding and landlord not addressing the issue.
A local Norcross church generously offered to let us office at their location. They didn’t use it during the week and us using the space would result in more income for the landlord. It was a win-win, but we went into it considering it a temporary solution. 
While the new office worked out well, the team was anxious to move along and land in our final destination. As we talked about what we wanted, I realized the things we were seeking were quite similar to what we had. 
But, the team didn’t recognize this so I pulled us all into a room and asked questions about what our ideal office looked like. We listed out these attributes on the whiteboard in my intentional attempt to help them discover the very office they were looking for was the actual office we were currently using. 
After we finished describing it, I asked them what changes would we need to make for our existing office to become the ideal one? And then they realized with only a handful of superficial changes to our existing setup, we’d have the office we were looking for. We wouldn’t have to move and the cost would be a fraction of what it would be anywhere else since we were sharing it with the church. 
Ironically, what we wanted was right in front of our faces and the reality is we would not have had the budget to actually get what we wanted anywhere else. 
What about with you? Do you have a person you wish would work for you? What about a vendor or partner company? What about a place you'd like to have or an elusive solution to your chronic problems?
It is possible you're so busy looking for the thing you want that you've missed sight of what's actually in front of you.
It may feel like the grass is greener elsewhere, but with a little work we can have the same yard and prevent the ruining of yet another green yard. 

Photo by GoaShape on Unsplash
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