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Make This One Simple Change When Asking This Question

Make One Simple Change When Asking This Question

Most people don't realize how powerful words are and how small tweaks can transform how we affect others and empower engagement. 
I've taught numerous classes and workshops on a variety of topics. A common question to ask when finishing a talk is, "does anyone have any questions?"
The fundamental problem with this question is how it causes unnecessary friction for engagement. It's also narrowly asking a yes or no question. If my answer is yes, I've got to take an extra step to propose my question. If my answer is no, I exit the conversation. 
What is more effective to ask is, "what questions do you have?" This makes the assumption there are questions and those who have one can jump right into it fueling the conversation. This also prods the people who don't have questions to survey their mind for any questions they could ask. 
Try it out. Ask both ways to your group and discover which leads to more quality discussions. 

Photo by Doug Linstedt on Unsplash
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