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What Is The Deal With My Email Greeting?

What Is The Deal With My Email Greeting?

If you've received emails from me within the past few years, you might wonder why I start most emails with "Peace & Grace to you :-)" - I've got a cousin who actually figured out where this came from and why I use it.
Before I started using this phrase, I was using "I hope you're doing well". As I thought about this phrase, I realized I didn't care for its meaning. If I want to know how they're doing, I should ask. Also, why would I want to just hope they are doing well, why not offer something better? It bothered me so I decided to seek out a new way to start my written correspondences. 
As I thought about it, I became curious to know how the Apostle Paul started his letters to the churches he planted. In multiple letters, Paul writes "Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ." I loved it. I ended up shortening it so it was more appropriate for all applications and it became, "Peace & Grace to you :-)" - I added the smiley face to give it emotion.
The other benefit this greeting provides is an icebreaker to the email message. I want people to feel cared for and I want to keep myself relationally oriented. Sometimes emails can be direct and to the point. So, adding this little intro gives it a nice little pleasantry and helps remind me of what matters.
What about you? How do you start your emails?

Photo by Xavier Massa on Unsplash
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