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Here's Why I Improved & Reordered More Business Cards

Why I Improved & Reordered More Business Cards

Do you have a set of compelling business cards?
At a recent event, I had a conversation with fellow networkers about the value of these marketing tools. When I first began freelancing, I ended up receiving a set of cards through via for free. Here's how the cards turned out using my portrait photo from Keith Taylor.
Jason Montoya Business Card - Strategist - Teacher - Marketer
Jason Montoya Business Card Klout Front
When I first started freelancing in 2014, I was meeting a lot of people and attending events. I wanted something tangible for people to remember me by and these cards worked well. People asked what the picture was all about because it's uniqueness made it memorable. Once I ran out, I never reordered and started leaning towards connecting in the moment with people via since I had more work than I needed. The need for reordering faded away, and the Linkedin method became sufficient.
Now things have changed. I'm blogging weekdays and I've written a book. I've got ideas I want to promote and events where I'm speaking, so the need for business cards has come up again. This week, the Atlanta Home Builder Association invited me to speak at their event in Buckhead on October 12th, 2017 (click here for details). This kicked me into gear for ordering a resupply of business cards which meant a quick audit and improvement of what I created the first time.
On the front, I want to communicate what I do more effectively, and explicitly. Since I only ordered 100 cards here, I was able to try something new knowing I can iterate each time I order cards. Here's the new content I'm using.
My Title: Systems and Communication Specialist | Author
What I'm Doing: Coaching Business Owners, Empowering Teams, Improving Revenue
I also wanted to metaphorically convey that I work alongside my clients in this race to the finish line. So, I chose this wonderful horse racing photo from Unsplash to subliminally communicate this message. Here's the final result of the back side.
Jason Montoya - Systems & Communication Specialist
Another awesome feature of using is their ability to print an unlimited (limited to the number of cards printed) variety of front sides. Since I ordered 100 business cards, I could use 100 different images. I decided to keep it simple so I could get my order out and I chose four images. I kept the portrait I used in the first run, and added a new image of myself. I also included a photo of me and my family and one of my book, Path Of The Freelancer. Here are all four front sides.

As I'm talking with people next week, I'll now have the option the give a person a card that would be most relevant to them and our conversation. If it works out well, I could add many more ideas that take concepts I've written about and put them on the front side of the card. I'm thinking the formula for intentionality would be a good conversation starter.

Well, I've got a new set of business cards heading my way. Let's see how it goes.

Photo by Jack Hamilton on Unsplash
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