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Who Do We Want To Be?

It's a big question. I asked it before, and it's a question I am asking myself everyday in light of my recent decision.
To those in a state of surviving in isolation, I want to be someone who provides hope. I want to be someone who shares a way for leaving this state of despair. I want to be someone who gives guidance for moving into a state of thriving together. 

I believe we can provide hope by sharing our stories and creating safe places for others to experience this hope. I want to be this type of person because I grew up in a place and state of hope. When I left home, I left hope. I did not appreciate or understand the intentionality it took to create it. 

My parents established a well of life, and I was drinking from it.  When I left, I took my bucket of their water, my inheritance. It eventually ran out, and I began to go thirsty as I sought sources to fill my bucket. I realized, I had to build my own well. 

When I was ready to build, God took me through a process. He brought people into my life to guide and encourage me through the journey. These people inspired me by sharing their stories and providing safe places for me to, once again, experience this hope. 

I have come to realize not everyone has experienced this hope I have now experienced twice. I have lived in a place of thriving together and a place of surviving in isolation. I know what it's like to be fully supported, and I know what it's like to be completely alone. 

I have traveled to and from each of these states in my life. By experiencing this journey, I believe I am called to help others in the same way I was led. 
I want to be someone who gives hope, shares how to create hope, guides others towards this hope, and teaches others to do the same. 
I believe this is what it means to embrace the life of Jesus Christ. The life He gave and the life He lived.
Who do you want to be?
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