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Many Of Us Would Not Be Alive If This Righteous Lady Wasn't Born 110 Years Ago


Last night, we visited my great grandmother Maude Plunkett after my wife was compelled to go. All 5 of us loaded into the van, and we spent an hour holding her hand and standing beside her.

A few hours later, she died.

We were blessed with the opportunity to see her one last time, in this natural life. We now anticipate the moment when we too will join her in the presence of the almighty.

In the photo above, Maude is seen with our daughter Madison. There is a one hundred and three year difference in age.

While she had an impact on many, she left a powerful legacy in our lives. 

  • If she had not been born 110 years ago, I would not exist, nor would her children, grandchildren, other great grandchildren, and numerous great-great grandchildren.
  • She lived in Atlanta where her wonderful daughter, Judy Kreklow, took great care of her. Her son also lived down the street. If it were not for them, I would never had visited Atlanta in 2004.
  • If it were not for their presence in Atlanta, it would be unlikely that Cait & I would have moved to Atlanta in 2005!

Within a year of us moving to Atlanta, Great Grandma turned 100. This celebration is captured in the photo below. 


Moving across the country, Cait and I felt as if we were on our own in the first several years in Atlanta. Judy & Great Grandma's house was a sanctuary for me. It was a safe place I could go to escape the difficulties of life and not feel the need to perform or be anything.

I could just be me.

Great grandma would have been 110 on this upcoming February 16th. Interesting enough, her 110th birthday is the due date of our fourth child, Elihu. While grandma endured much suffering in her final moments of life, it is the words of Elihu, from the Bible, that illuminates her inspiring example of enduring this suffering. Elihu had this to say the following about the matter.

Suffering may be decreed for the righteous as a protection against greater sin, for moral betterment and warning, and to elicit greater trust and dependence on a merciful, compassionate God in the midst of adversity

"We are [righteous] with God by placing our faith in Jesus Christ. And this is true for everyone who believes, no matter who we are." - Paul the Apostle.

Through her relationship with Jesus Christ, my great grandmother Maude Plunkett was found righteous before God and now lives in harmony with Him in heaven.

For this reason, we celebrate her passing and new life!

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