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How To Prevent and Respond To Bad Online Reviews [For MedRev]

With one of my online digital business clients, where I manage online marketing efforts, I've had numerous opportunities to respond to bad reviews. The number includes responding to over a hundred one and two-star reviews (due to their high customer volume). 

As this responsibility to oversee review management unfolded, I developed a mindset and framework to effectively respond to these negative reviews. The best way to deal with negative reviews is by preventing them from ever happening through improvement and feedback loops. But, no matter how well we handle bad situations and disgruntled customers, bad reviews will eventually happen.

Medical Reviews

In my guest blog post for MedRev, I dive into the target audience for bad review responses and outline a framework and guidelines to transform those negative reviews into effective vision casting moments for future customers.

Click here to learn How To Prevent and Respond To Bad Online Reviews on MedRev, an online software for improving patient experiences. 

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