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Hot Water Coffee Filter - Qualify Leads For Sales People

Use This Marketing Step To Qualify & Prioritize Volumes Of Incoming Leads

If you’re receiving a volume of daily leads and need a way to further qualify who should receive a prioritized response, I’ve got a simple approach to effectively help you make this happen. 
Over the last several years, I’ve become a HubSpot automation master coming up with ways to automate systems in this terrific tool. As a result, I generously and gratefully receive referrals from HubSpot staff and my customers.
In the fall of 2016, I began working with a mobile application development company using HubSpot. They had a team of five salespeople and were spending tens of thousands of dollars on pay per click for lead generation. They were generating hundreds of leads per day. 
But, they had two problems. The initial form was fairly simple so the only way to understand the quality of the lead was based on the message they wrote in the notes section. 
To resolve this, the salespeople were scheduling a 15-minute qualifying call with every lead, so we had the opportunity to eliminate this call. The second issue was prioritizing the order in which the sales folks responded and how persistent the team should follow up. 
I suggested we set up a simple page with a second form. In this form, we could ask qualifying questions eliminating the fifteen-minute call and moving the lead along faster. It would also create two groups of leads. Those that filled out the second form and those who didn’t. The sales team could then prioritize their follow up based on this factor. 
In the follow-up form, we asked about the budget, source of funds, the preferred follow-up channel, and timeline. These were key questions to indicate how serious they were and how likely they could actually move forward on the project. 
With the new system, prospects would arrive at the initial landing page and fill out the first form. They would receive an automated email indicating our receipt of the message and a request to fill out the second form with a link to the landing page. 
We set up the email workflow to send three reminders over the course of the next week to fill out the second form. If they successfully completed it, they’d receive a follow up thank you email (and the reminders would cease) indicating they’d receive a follow up from the salesperson when and how they indicated. 
After we mapped out these fields, we also realized we could send specific content to them based on their answers. For example, many customers would leverage crowd-based fundraising. In other cases, they would self-fund or have an investor. We had a library of blog content on these different approaches and knowing their funding source allowed us to send them the information that would provide them the most value. 
If you’ve got a flow of leads coming in or you’re limited in spending the time needed to qualify them, a second form is a terrific way to move qualified prospects forward and empower your sales team.

Photo by Jakub Kapusnak on Unsplash


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