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February 12th 2014: Best Content of the Last Week

In case you missed it, my last post was on procrastination. Click here to read it.

Here is the best content I consumed this past week...

Best in Marriage

Why Your Marriage Needs Fighting, and Lots of It by Selena Frederick

"Sometimes it’s easier to not fight. It’s easier to ignore the problem(s) and just try to get through the day. But this tends to leave us divided and unable to fight for our marriages."

Best in Thinking Different

...different people differently by Seth Godin

"A very long time ago, shoe salespeople realized that shoes that don't fit are difficult to sell, regardless of what you've got in stock. Today, the people you serve are coming to realize that like their shoe size, their needs are different, regardless of what your urgent agenda might be."

Best In Eye Opening

Could Your Brain Be Hacked? by ASAP Science

Best In Learning

The Power of Empathy by RSA

Best in Short Films

PROXiMITY (A Short Film by Ryan Connolly)

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