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January 29th 2014: Best Content of the Last Week

Here is the best content I found during the last week.

Best in Business

The Fruit Stand Effect by Ron Mariotti

"Most people will walk a little further and pay a little more for a better experience and experience is intimately tied to the quality and authenticity of relationships. The good news about this is that work is more fulfilling AND more profitable when people come first. It is something so simple and yet so easy to forget."

Best in Learning

If You Commit to Nothing, You’ll Be Distracted by Everything: Lessons from the “Marathon Monks” by James Clear

"What is this quest that kills so many of the monks? And what can you and I learn from it?"

Best in Science

Old DNA Causes New Problems for Human Evolution by Dr. Fazale Rana

"Recently, anthropologists set a world record when they isolated mitochondrial DNA from the 400,000-year-old femur of a Homo heidelbergensis specimen. The sequence of this DNA yielded a surprise for researchers when they discovered that it aligns more closely with that of the enigmatic Denisovans than with Neanderthal sequences. This latest work highlights the tentative nature of even the best ideas in human evolution."

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