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January 22nd 2014: Best Content Of The Last Week

Here are my best findings during my last week of reading, listening and watching on-line content.

Enjoy :)

Best in Parenting

How I made sure all 12 of my kids could pay for college themselves

Best In Faith

Why Isn’t God More Obvious? by Tom Price

"Faith isn’t a blind faith, but a response to the evidence. It is based on real events that can be investigated. A leap in the dark has never been the offer, as it is about stepping into the light."

Best In Science

Thank God for the Solar System’s Asteroid Belts by Dr. Hugh Ross

"Indeed, Martin and Livio provide yet one more example of the evidence accumulating for the supernatural design of the solar system for the specific benefit of human beings and human civilization. Let’s thank God for the exquisite design of our solar system’s five belts of asteroids and comets that make it possible for us to exist."

Best In Marriage

Five Secrets About What Makes a Happy Marriage by Billy Hallowell

"What makes a happy marriage? It’s an age-old question that all married couples are forced to grapple with, especially when wedded bliss evaporates. And it’s the very curiosity that author and researcher Shaunti Feldhahn explores in her recently released book, “The Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages.” Feldhahn, who is in the midst of a multi-year research project about matrimony, has spent years collecting qualitative and quantitative information about what makes — and breaks — couples."

Best In Challenging

The index and the menu by Seth Godin

"This is frightening, because when you offer a menu, often people will get hung up on their status quo and just say "no." You can't get rejected when all you offer is an index, but getting your menu rejected is one of the symptoms that you're doing the hard work of making an impact."

Best In Art & Entertainment

WTF Happened to Movie Posters?

(Hint, Hollywood has gotten lazy)

Best in Reality Check




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