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Tales of a Former Grim Reaper — with Comedic Dissident & Digital Campus Pastor — Stephen Hataway

In this Inspirational People interview on the Share Life podcast, I'm speaking with comedian and online campus pastor at Victory World Church, Stephen Hataway. Stephen and I were connected through our mutual friend, Jessica Lalley, of Voices to Connect. 

This discussion explores the theme of using laughter as a coping mechanism in the face of tragedy. Stephen also shares personal experiences about his parents' divorce, his father's gender transition, and his childhood bullying. He then discusses transforming adversity into something positive and recounts his journey from homelessness to ministry. Stephen had an unconventional career as a cemetery plot salesman and now provides insights for leading digital online communities.

Both Stephen and I are dying to have you check out this episode, so enjoy watching or listening below!

Discussion Highlights

  • "Laughter is a sign we refuse to give into brokenness." - Kavin Rowe, Leading Christian Communities
  • Comedy as a way to cope with tragedy
  • Reconciling how his father became transgender, his mom went through a nervous breakdown, and coping with his parent's divorce
  • Getting bullied as a child
  • Transforming the reality we are dealt into something good
  • Return to Oz (the movie)
  • Becoming homeless as a kid
  • Stephen's call to ministry and the providential way that call was confirmed
  • His experience as a traveling cemetery plot salesman
  • From a broken family to creating and living as a whole family
  • Comedic roasting of his pastor -  taking a risk and doing something great
  • Tips and insights for leading and pastoring a digital online campus including guiding principles
  • Nerding out on The Lord of the Rings and delineating good and evil
  • Stephen is not joking around
  • The tragedy of life - how Jesus has overcome the world
  • The best gift you can give someone

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