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Jaime Ellithorpe

Exploring Heart-Centered Business Systems — With Jaime Ellithorpe

Welcome to another Inspirational People interview episode of the Share Life podcast.

In this discussion, I'm speaking with Jaime Ellithorpe, founder of 540 strategies, which focuses on leveraging Linkedin, among other mediums to effectively generate leads for heart-centered businesses. I was so impressed with her relationship-building approach, I wanted to meet her. In this episode, you too get to meet her. 

Conversation Highlights

  • Jaime's transition from a troubled corporate job to entrepreneurship
  • The empty feeling she had working in corporate America and how personal development opened her eyes to the possibilities
  • The importance of focusing on relationships
  • What is a heart-centered business?
  • Helping others to help others
  • Burnout
  • Why we have to hit rock bottom
  • The unknown and the known
  • Facing crippling anxiety
  • Constructive development theory
  • Judgment and stories
  • Systemizing processes
  • Tyrannical systems

Jump into our conversation below where Jaime shares her story, insights into her jump into entrepreneurship, the type of stories that inspire her, and the way she approaches work and life.

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