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Why Life Transformation Necessitates Going to The Source — With Peter Ostapko

Welcome to another Inspirational People interview episode of the Share Life podcast.

In this concise discussion, I'm speaking with Kinsmen Journal Founder Peter Ostapko. We were connected through my friends at Voices to Connect.

Peter is a Marketplace and Kingdom Connector Inviting men to lead lives of transformative faith, redemptive fatherhood, and honoring work. He believes God is good, and that each of us has a story to tell, because of a Savior that redeems.

Conversation Highlights

  • Peter's inside insight into how churches tend to steward and manage their finances
  • Generosity is a byproduct of receiving
  • The origin story of the Kinsmen Journal
  • Properly ordering the goods in our life
  • Discovering and pursuing what gives us joy
  • Leaning into counseling and care
  • The power and importance of relationships
  • Understanding our strengths and personality traits
  • Our relentless pursuit of efficiency
  • How we often relate to characters in the body. Should we spend more time relating to the sin and brokenness in these stories?
  • Field of Dreams reflections
  • Habits and practices that transform our lives
  • Why Peter believes God is good and the hardships followers of Jesus face
  • How God's personal nature unfolds in our lives and how we should ask him the questions we're wrestling with
  • How we should be wise and cautious when giving public statements

Jump into our conversation below where Peter shares his story, how he launched Kinsmen Journal, the type of stories that inspire him, and the way he approaches work and life.

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