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casey cavell

How Accountability & Vulnerability Make The Difference — With Casey Cavell

Welcome to another Inspirational People interview episode of the Share Life podcast.

In this discussion, I'm speaking with purpose-driven leader Casey Cavell. Casey is a Jesus Follower, serial entrepreneur, trusted advisor, and innovative investor helping others reach their highest potential. Casey and I connected several years ago through a mutual friend. We have a shared passion for sharing the good news about Jesus while also caring deeply about mentoring others. 
A former client, Casey's business consulting company Legacy 4:12, provides entrepreneurs with operational strategies to accelerate growth, increase efficiency, and create margin. Additionally, Casey is reaching the next generation of leaders through Turn2Ministries and cultivating a mission-driven NFT community called Kingdom House.

Conversation Highlights

  • Sports as an idol
  • His short-lived and successful Poker career
  • Addicted to achievement
  • Feeling of inadequacy
  • Burning out
  • Beginning to read the Bible
  • How we wrongly channeled his perfectionism drive into his newfound Christian walk
  • The accountability visibility that being a Christian creates
  • Helping other people get what they want
  • Serial entrepreneurship and not losing focus
  • The power of accountability, especially when we share it
  • Thoughts on being busy and working hard
  • Pareto principle
  • Stop doing things that don't make an impact
  • Proper prioritization
  • The importance of understanding your business
  • Proactive versus reactive
  • Dealing with inter-generational family problems. Changing the story
  • Our family is a mirror
  • Systems should save you time, energy, and money
  • Doing hard things

Jump into our conversation below where Casey shares his story, how he became passionate about entrepreneurship, the type of stories that inspire him, and the way he approaches work and life.

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