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Nathan Dohse, inside music studio

Effectively Navigating The Broken Train Tracks of Life — With Nathan James Dohse

Welcome to another Inspirational People episode of the Share Life podcast.

In this episode, I'm speaking with Nathan Dohse, president at AGD Entertainment, an organization dedicated to educating, inspiring, and supporting musicians in their creative and professional vocation with coaching, training, and advocacy.

Nathan and I originally met in our respected hometown of Flagstaff, Arizona. As providence would have it, we both ended up on the east coast with me in Atlanta, Georgia, and him in Nashville, Tennessee. Nathan is a retired musician (in a former band with his brother now co-founder of AGD), and a past client of mine from many many many years ago. We've both moved across the nation, and transitioned from multiple entrepreneurial pathways staying connected over the years along the way.

In this conversation, we explore different facets of Nathan's entrepreneurial journey, how he works smarter and lives better along with other bits of wisdom as we navigate the challenges of life in a world where leaders don't have the answers we're seeking.

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