Allen Helms — How Learning To Let Go Enables Us To See What Matters Most

Allen Helms — How Learning To Let Go Enables Us To See What Matters Most

Welcome to this episode of Inspirational People. In this episode, I get the awesome opportunity of introducing you to CRM Jedi Master Allen Helms. 

Allen and I got connected through the Hubspot User Group here in Atlanta over the past several years. Allen is not just a Hubspot master, but also a Salesforce Jedi. He works with organizations to plan and grow their incoming volume of generated leads and closed deals. He also works his Jedi magic transitioning organizations to either Salesforce or Hubspot and when necessary, he tames both systems to work effectively together (as well as the teams from both sales and marketing).

We talk about the origin of his business and its name, how to effectively work together, the power of organization in our lives and work, and how love conquers evil in the end. In the final segment, Allen shares about his recent C.S. Lewis readings and the scriptural insights that can help us to let go and humble ourselves in even the most challenging of circumstances.

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