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Jeff & Julie Fambrough

Jeff Fambrough — How Starting Your Day Right Sets The Tone For An Uncertain Future

In this new episode of Inspirational People, I introduce you to Jeff Fambrough (and by proxy, his wife Julie) a long-time friend from a past life, and also a native Georgian. 

We originally got connected through a mutual friend while Jeff was working for a former employer many years ago. To our recent mutual surprise, we were reconnected this past year through his leadership and coaching at a community church basketball league (he and Julie coached my kid's teams) at Christ Place Church north of metro Atlanta.

Jeff works with Indeed full-time as an enterprise account manager, a role and business this crisis has made rather interesting. More importantly, Jeff is a passionate, deliberate, and intentional leader in his family, community, and church.

In this discussion, we talk about how we effectively start our day, the challenges of navigating uncertainty, what unemployed folks can be doing to find work, and the most important relationship we can have.

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