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How To Overcome Challenges, Build A Business, & Lead Yourself With Jason Long, Founder of MedRev

The following interview with Jason Long launches a new experiment exploring the stories and perspective from my friends, colleagues, clients, and mentors. These interviews will span multiple mediums to provide a platform for others to share how they grow themselves, others, and their small businesses. 

In this discussion, I sit down with my friend and serial entrepreneur Jason Long who shares how he pushes himself to be a better person, partner, and leader. We also explore how a difficult season of his life culminating in a horrific car accident left him with brain damage. This moment in his life and business became the catalyst to change how he saw the world and what he deemed as most important. In the conclusion of the interview, Long leaves us with two tactical insights worth embracing in our daily life. 

Connecting With Jason Long

For those interest in connecting with Jason or exploring his entrepreneurial ventures, check out the links below.

Listen To Discussion

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Watch Interview

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