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An Update On The Island Story & Path Of The Freelancer

An Update On The Island Story & Path Of The Freelancer

Earlier this year, we launched IDEMA, a framework for capturing and sustaining ideas. At the conclusion of Noodlehead Marketing, we determined IDEMA as one of the two valuable ideas worth preserving and sharing with others.

The Island Story

The second valuable takeaway was The Island Story. It was a story that helped us personally grow as well as help us to elevate our level of excellence and significance with clients. It led us down an unexpected and powerful journey to help others discover intentionality. While we shut down the company in 2014, two important but unfinished tasks were to publish IDEMA and The Island Story for all. Due to the personal breakdown, I experienced during the conclusion of the company, we had to move on with our lives and vocation without sharing these ideas. They went dormant.

After arriving at a consistent level of success with freelancing, I initiated the process to package and share these ideas so others could use, share and teach them. My goal was to launch IDEMA march of this year, which we did, and to publish the Island Story October of this year. Well, it's October and with the help of some friends and family, we've completed the short version of the story. We're currently wrapping up the worksheet and story framework where others can leverage the framework of the story for their own novels, books, movies, tv, and short stories. Slightly delayed, expect the project to be completed and published by mid-November. Click here to like The Island Story on Facebook and stay up to date.

Path Of The Freelancer

Over the past year, I've been working on my first book, Path Of The Freelancer. My goal for this month was also to complete the book manuscript. While the book is mostly complete, I've identified several weak points that need shoring up. As part of the process to finish it, I'll be working on the online course, audiobook and website.

My goal is to have the book, website, course and marketing materials finished by year's end. I'm also in the process of determining whether I'll pursue traditional publishing or self-publishing channels. I'm leaning towards self-publishing this book. What you see above is the current iteration of the book's cover (Feel free to provide any insight on how to make it better). If you'd like to receive resources on freelancing and stay up to date with the project, please visit the website. 

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