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IDEMA Framework

After Two Years, We've Officially Launched This Important Idea

After I chose to shut down Noodlehead Marketing, us team members concluded one of the most valuable ideas from our journey was the IDEMA framework. As a result of this conclusion we agreed to package and publish it so we could take and use it in our future ventures. It was our parting gift to each other, our clients, and our friends.

Unfortunately, the reality of my decision to shut down the company was destabilizing and I fell into a deep depression and severe anxiety. The years of emotions for everything I had gone through in the Noodlehead journey poured out of me like a flash flood, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. For three months,  I faced numerous unexpected episodes of fear induced panic. It was the darkest season of my life, and I struggled for three months just trying to sleep and eat.
By God's grace and the support of friends, family and our church, I was able to move out of this valley of darkness and end the company well. But, we did not package and publish IDEMA like we had intended. Now focused on providing for my family, IDEMA was pushed to the back burner.
The first year of freelancing in 2014 was an unexpected success as people I knew contracted my services to help them solve their organizational & marketing problems. IDEMA was something I used to help me organize these initiatives. In 2015, IDEMA became more prominent in the work I did, and I realized IDEMA's incompleteness during this time.
We needed to finish what we had started by packaging and publishing IDEMA. This would create a foundation for anyone to use, share and teach IDEMA. With the help of two of our past team members and a few new friends, we've brought IDEMA framework to the world.
March 31st 2014 was the last day of Noodlehead. 
Two years later, and we've now officially launched this important idea. It is our highly valuable gift to you.


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