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Path Of The Freelancer Website Launch

Path Of The Freelancer Website Launch Update

This week, my third physical proof of Path Of The Freelancer will arrive. My goal is to identify and fix any remaining issues with the book and make it available for presale on Amazon. While I've started marketing the newly launched website, I'll kick up my external marketing and promotion efforts by focusing on driving people to pre-order the book when it's ready.

With the website launched, it's empowered me to reach out to companies about sponsoring Path Of The Freelancer. Out of the half-dozen companies I've reached out to, one is in discussions about a sponsorship package. My plan is to reach out to three new companies every day until I get sponsorship in all established areas. With no track record, I recognize it may be a hard sell to get sponsors, but reaching out will help create exposure and start the discussion.

As part of the continued promotion of the website, I've also setup an editorial calendar with a dozen different writers to share their insights for freelancers on how they can better do what they do. You can read the first guest blog post by Jim Karwisch here. If you are interested in writing a guest blog post for Path Of The Freelancer, shoot me an email.

If you are a company looking for a freelancer, make sure to check out our freelancing directory here. If you are a freelancer looking for more work, make sure to sign up for an account and get listed. If you are seeking freelancing links, videos, articles make sure to check out the resource section of the website which is loaded with the best content around the web.

I don't cover everything on the website above, so be sure to check out and explore the website on your own.

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