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Blind Visionary Seeking Vision

Have you ever experienced a time in your life where the gifts and abilities you have, malfunctioned? I am in a season where a gift I was so familiar with now seems too far from me.
I am a visionary. I see into the future. I am able to forecast how things can play out as well as the conclusions of certain pathways. I am able to see what is likely to result.
It was a gift, but without understanding, it could distract me from being present. I had a hard time being in the moment. 
And then, this gift of vision seemed as if it was gone. For whatever reason I couldn't see forward. On the road to Damascus, the Apostle Paul lost his vision when he met Jesus Christ. From that point on, his life transformed. He spent three days blind before God restored his vision. Being still and praying was Paul's only option. 
He had to wait. I had to wait. As I waited I realized what had contributed to losing my vision. 
There is an Ipad game called Zombie Highway. The intent in the game is to drive as far as possible without crashing or having our vehicle flip. Our car can crash by running into debris in the road or, it can flip over when there are too many zombies on our car.
To be successful, it requires us to look forward instead of at the zombies. Their presence is distracting and it causes us to focus on them instead of the road. In most cases, the zombies never hurt us or flip us over, they just distract us and cause us to crash.
There are a lot of zombies on my car now. There are too many for me to handle on my own. I need help. 
My help has given me glimpses of the vision I have temporarily lost. Others tell me what is ahead, when I can't see it. My community has acted as a make shift set of eyeballs for this blind visionary. Where I can't see, they can. Where I can't direct, they do.
They push me forward with encouragement, direction and counsel. They help me to steer and knock zombies off my car.
We can't do this journey alone. In many seasons of our life, we need others to help carry our burdens. 
In this season of life, are you being helped by someone or helping others?
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