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Taking A Small Step To Get More Efficient

Taking A Small Step To Get More Efficient

I was listening to this podcast by Michael Hyatt about conquering the email inbox. I remember when this was the most difficult mountain to conquer as I was constantly crticized and lost leads because of how poorly I managed it.

Years later, I now actively sustain an empty email inbox and am highly responsive. It's not always easy, but it's well worth it. I've found having a place for read later content, using Inbox by Gmail to schedule messages for a future date, template reponses for common responses, and to schedule meetings are tools that have all helped me maintain Inbox Zero.

While listening to the podcast, Michael mentioned the use of keyboard shortcuts within different tools including Gmail. My next task to increase my efficiency is to learn and memorize the shortcuts for gmail.

Now, onto discipling myself to get these keyphrases down.

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