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9 Minutes of Creative Wisdom

Interview — Exploring Your Relationship With Money [9 Minutes of Creative Wisdom]

You can check out my latest interview with Olga Kirshenbaum of Rags to Riches Consulting on her 9 Minutes of Creative Wisdom podcast below. The podcast is a weekly 9-minute show where successful creative folks share their wisdom with others.

Olga, also known as the money whisperer, was a guest on my podcast in May earlier this year. We discussed money mindsets and how they affect us during crises.

In the following short interview, we discuss being a bridge between different creatives, exploring our relationship with money, and why creatives ought to embrace structure. Without further ado, check out the interview below.

Watch The Discussion With Olga Below

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Listen To My Conversation With Olga

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Interview, Olga Kirshenbaum

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