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My Invitational Prayer For God To Bring His Order In My Life

My Invitational Prayer For God To Bring His Order Into My Life

2014 was a challenging year for me. I had recently shut down my company and begun a new journey in freelancing. There were also difficult personal and relational challenges I was facing. Six months into the journey, I wrote this little prayer.

Lord, you are in control of what feels completely out of control. Establish your order in me and my life. 
Thank you for using this opportunity to develop my character.
I need to be someone I cannot be. I need to see what I am unable to see. Do for me what I cannot do for myself. Empower me to be what I cannot be on my own. Go before me and look where I am unable. 
God, life seems crazy and I don't know how to make senses of it. I want to trust you, I want to hear you but I can't figure out how. 
Please comfort me while I endure for your sake and mine. 

Photo by Andy Kerr on Unsplash


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