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Learning New Trades: Prezi & Infographics

In the last year, my new journey has opened up many possibilities and opportunities for me to learn and explore. This has allowed me to learn new skills and participates in projects I would not have anticipated. One example is in my recent work with The Third Bucket. The Third Bucket is a Christian parable to encourage business owners to give. The need to visually communicate the process described in the book, was important.

Being a problem solver, we explored several different options. Through this discovery, we decided to create the visual as an info-graphic, using Canva, and then use the free presentation tool, Prezi, to bring the infographic to life. It was a success with the client and they have asked me to produce another :-)

Here Is The Infographic

(Click to enlarge)

The Third Bucket Graphic Infographic

Here Is The Prezi Presentation:

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