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Provision: This Man's Struggle To Let It Go


Recently, we decided to make two major life decisions soon after having our 3rd child. The first decision we made was to shut down our marketing company of 7 years. Second, we committed to leave the condo we have lived in since we moved to Atlanta almost 9 years ago. It's the only home my wife and I have ever lived in together and we brought each of our three children there from the hospital.
We made two big decisions in our life without knowing where we would work or live. In many situations we have walked out in faith. In fact, it's how we ended up in Atlanta. But, this is one of those rare occasions where we jumped in faith without knowing what we were jumping to.
It's been just over a month since we shut down the company, and God has orchestrated our future beautifully. Without seeking it, God brought me 8 paying projects. These projects ranged from helping a non profit get focused and organized as well as working on a few website projects. Also, we received a generous tax return, and we were reimbursed for some medical expenses from our provider. All our expenses and outstanding financial responsibilities were covered, and there are more projects heading my way in the upcoming weeks.
In addition to His financial provision, God has also brought us a place to live. We were recently connected to a new landlord through our church. Our soon to be landlord closed the sale of his rental home on Good Friday. On Easter, Resurrection Sunday, we were connected to him through a family in our church during the Easter service at the park. The significance in the timing of these events has been inspiring.
God brought us a home and work to sustain us, and our horizon looks promising. 
I committed to give my finances and provisional responsibility over to God. He has called me to be responsible and steward well, but it's time I gave him back the ultimate responsibility of being our provider.
I commit to respond with excellence to the opportunities that come my way and those I seek out. I trust God will provide for our needs before we even know what they are.  
God, when I operate from a mindset of scarcity, show me your abundance. Please help me to be able to fulfill my financial obligations with excellence and pro-activity. I want to be able to directly address our needs and gaps and not delay for fear of provision. God, you have sustained us and you have provided above and beyond what we could have ever expected. 
Thank you for your provision and the loving community you have orchestrated around us during this season of our life.

Where, in your life, do you need to let go?

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