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We Caught A Fishing Pole That Caught A Catfish At Lake Powell

We Caught A Fishing Pole That Caught A Catfish At Lake Powell

Beware, a fishing tale lies ahead. No lesson, just a fun little story.
Growing up, I got to experience camping and boating at Lake Powell. It's a wonderful and unique lake. Lake Powell sits at the top of the Colorado River and is a lake in the first part of the Grand Canyon.
From before I could remember, we went to Lake Powell for camping, playing in the water and to fish. I love fishing, and one of my favorite ways to fish was loading up my fishing hook with an earthworm. I'd cast it out into the water for the evening, waiting for a catfish to bite. While sometimes I would catch one while I waited, many times I'd fall asleep and wake up in the morning with a guaranteed catch (Most of the time).
One time we went up to the San Juan arm of Lake Powell and I baited and cast my line into the water just before eating dinner. When I came back, I couldn't find my fishing pole. Frantically, I looked around wondering where I had left it only to realize the fishing pole had been pulled into the water by a fish. Disappointed to lose the rod and big fish, Marty Martin, my dad's friend, put another line in the water to see what else we could catch.
By this time it was late and dark. The only light we had was the moonlight shining on the water. So, as we're waiting and chatting, we noticed something in the distance poking out of the water. After a few moments, it disappeared. That was weird. And then it happened again.
It was like a tree was coming out of the water and then receding back down. Because it was so dark, we had no clue what it was or why it was happening so we decided to reel in the line and when we did it, we noticed the thing come back out of the water. When we pulled on it, the object rose up and when we gave it slack, it dropped. At first, we thought we had a fish because the line was taught, but then we thought we were snagged in some weird tree.
Confused, we reeled in the line to finally realize we had caught the fishing pole I had lost earlier and when we pulled on it, the pole was going up. We also realized there was a fish on line pulling the pole up and down. So we reeled in the fishing pole we caught, and once we got it in, we reeled in the catfish on the other end of the pole.
So, now I can say I caught a fish by catching a fishing pole that had landed a catfish. The most bizarre and satisfying catch ever, as we recovered the pole and brought the catfish in. The video below is of that infamous catfish.

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash
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