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Life Update - The End of My 20's Draws Near

Life Update - The End Of My 20'sIt's almost time, the end of my 20's is here and October 22nd will bring in a new stage of life. Since my 29th birthday almost a year ago, this past year has been the most difficult and rewarding years of my life. When I reflect on my 29 years, and the past year specifically, the analogy of the butterfly continues to fill my mind, and this past year was my year struggling to get out of the cocoon I had crawled up into. 

Closing the business, having Judah (our third child), moving from Norcross and all the unknowns sent my mind and heart in all directions. Anxiety, depression, intrusive thoughts, were just a few of the symptoms I experienced during this season. While hard, they were all beautiful tools God used to continue to develop character and refine me as a child of God, husband, father and community leader. 
There is now a sense of founded steadiness which has arrived as the dust settles. With all the change, having life stabilize is valuable and desired. I may be emotionally worn out, but a year of steadiness will give God the time to give me clarity as I continue to move forward. I know the future is there, but my focus is now on the present. 
On the work front, God continues to sustain us as he provides contract marketing work. There have been great projects completed in the past several months. The projects have ranged from working with Rocket It establishing an internal recruiting system, to helping Joyfields Institute transform their marketing efforts into a system for long-term sustainable growth. Another great project I was involved in, was helping McKeever's First Ride create and launch their new website. McKeever's First Ride is a recurring event showcasing the powerful, physical and emotional benefits of working with horses. Their new website acts as a powerful resource for amputees, orthotic users and military personnel.
Cait, the kids and I continue to attend and take part in community at Generations Norcross church. They have a service every Sunday and we also participate in a small group with several other couples from the group. Our home church has been a huge anchor for us through the tough seasons of our last year. We are incredibly thankful for our friends in Christ!
In addition to our church community, there are several other communities I am involved in. A few years ago, a friend of mine invited me to attend a group called Dugout. Jack McEntee leads the group for men who want accountability and teaching. Visiting over the years, this year has pulled me in deeper as I have connected with the guys. If you are available and interested, our next event is this Saturday. Contact me to get more details.
With the help from a great friend, I will also be going through a Leadership program through LifeWork Leadership. Lifework Leadership helps transform leaders for the purposes of transforming cities. The program curriculum comes from the leadership model of Jesus Christ. I look forward to starting this program the day after my 30th birthday. For you who are interested in participating, please reach out to me for details.
During the last several months, I have met and built some new relationships over the past few months. Cliff Robinson, with his partners, has started and launched a new business called ptxtech. They help streamline the property tax process, allowing resources to focus on tax reduction efforts.
Another great recent connection is one I made while working with Todd Miechiels at the 315 Project earlier in the year. Mike Cahill is stewarding an initiative called 30 Second Evangelism, and like the 315 project, he helps Christians share their story online. 
It was also good to see Travis from irunurun. If you have not heard of irunurun, they have research and tools to help us achieve our performance potential based on focus, consistency, accountability. You can read my irunurun story here. 
Lastly, there was a good friend I reconnected with. He helped create many of the awesome creative elements of the Agent Fat project, and he is seeking to pursue a film project of his own. Per his request, I will be consulting with him on the project. 
The next year of my life is one I look forward to. 
Let's see what God does :-)


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