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Joyful Journeys: Navigating Life's Pleasures, Pain, and Radiant Moments — with Glenn Shelhamer

In this Inspirational People interview on the Share Life podcast, I'm speaking with business owner Glenn Shelhamer. 

Glenn is the founder of The Shelhamer Group in Los Angeles, California helping people find and sell their homes. He was referred to me through an Atlanta agency for working together on the Search Engine Optimization front. We've been working together since earlier this year and through that experience, I invited Glenn to join me and share his story and entrepreneurial wisdom.

Check out our conversation below, where Glenn shares the challenges growing up, the lessons learned along the way, and the places-in-life he's worked hard to arrive at.

Discussion Highlights

  • Being in a state of joy and freedom and the difference between joy versus happiness
  • Pursuing pleasure and avoiding pain
  • Glenn's early traumatic memories and his parent's divorce at a young age
  • Being alone and lacking guidance as a kid
  • Moving to Los Angeles to become an actor
  • Glenn's background in sourcing and acquisition in the design industry
  • How Glenn got into real estate & why he loves Los Angeles
  • Working with Keller Williams & Sothebys to learn the ropes and receive mentorship
  • A scarcity versus collaborate model for real estate
  • The origins of the Silver Lake Blog and how it fostered new clients for the company
  • Being a walking networker and being outgoing
  • Becoming the father he wished he had
  • Having the privilege of people stepping into Glenn's life to guide him and working out trust issues
  • Scars make people more beautiful
  • What fatherhood has taught Glenn and learning to be comfortable as a parent
  • Take complete ownership of our lives
  • Tragedy and blessing and learning to hug the cactus
  • How Glenn learned to survive - fight and flight
  • Everything needs a place and having a system to make that happen
  • Living your best life today
  • What Glenn would tell his 7 year old self

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