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Community, Collaboration, & Faith Foundations With Real Estate Expert Abbie Shepherd

In this Inspirational People interview on the Share Life podcast, I'm speaking with Abbie Shepherd. Abbie is our long-time friend and real estate agent. She is the founder of The Abbie Shepherd Real Estate Group serving the Atlanta area community and someone I admire for her consistent communication and persistent follow-up. She's also got a large family like us, with 5 of her own kids.

In this conversation, Abbie shares how she stumbled into real estate from an engineering background, the lessons she's learned along the way, and how she's survived multiple economic crises and thrived on the other sides of them.

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Discussion Highlights

  • Abbie's winding vocational path where she started pursuing engineering and landed in real estate
  • Large families,  parenting, and entrepreneurship
  • Systems, planning, organizing, and scheduling life and work
  • On not getting stuck and following success
  • Autonomous versus collaborative
  • Business lessons learned from the 2009 real estate crash and the 2020 pandemic - Adapting fast
  • Humility, making the hard choices, and walking through pain
  • A habit of gratitude
  • Wisely responding to an offer of help and recognizing how we deserve help
  • Find and connecting with others around shared passions
  • Doing excellent work and following curiosity until we fully understand
  • Wisely navigating challenging relational dynamics as a real estate agent
  • Parental legacy and accommodating it versus breaking out from it
  • “Jim, listen. You can either build great businesses, or you can build great ideas. You can’t do both. So you’ve got to choose.” - Peter Drucker
  • "Tabling" ideas versus actually organizing them
  • Effectively prioritizing ideas

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