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Movie Shapes Discussion, Jason Montoya and Addison Williams

Movie Shapes — Discussing A Better Way To Find, Review, & Share Movies With Addison Blu Williams

Movie Shape Profile, Movie ValuesIn this discussion, Addison Blu Williams and I talk about the difficulty with understanding why we love movies (or don't) and the challenges with using existing review systems (Like Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB, or thumbs up and down). We also discuss the solution, Movie Shapes, which is a better way to explore the movies we love (and don't)

In this episode of the Share Life podcast, follow along with our Movie Shapes discussions outline as follows:

  • The problem we faced and the solution Movie Shapes offers
  • The Movie Shapes structural framework (Movie Values and Audience Attributes)
  • Movie examples that fall into the various movie values and audience attributes
  • Creating your Movie Shapes profile — the Simple five-minute version or the Complete one-hour version (This part begins at 1:10:00).
  • Evaluating and sharing movies through the Movie Shapes perspective

Movie Shapes Graphic, Audience AttributesYou can learn more about Movie Shapes on the website here (as well as seeing both of our Movie Shapes and top seven cross-attributes). We'd love your feedback, so please do reach out to us and let us know what you think.

Check out the Google Docs prototype here. Make a copy and begin building your Movie Shapes profile today!


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