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The Great Website Template Migration Begins

The Great Website Template Migration Begins — Inspired By My New Branding

As part of updating my brand with a new logo, I've now begun switching over my Joomla website to a new modern template that matches my new logo. 

I've rolled this template out to the blog category page and will roll it out to other categories, page types, and static pages over time. This will be an iterative process that you get to witness as it unfolds in the various stages. The methodical process also allows me to see how the changes affect my search engine rankings and traffic. If you have feedback to make my website and other improvements better, please send them my way.

What's exciting about the process is how much I can truly bring to life the enormous amount of content created on the website since January 2014. It will also facilitate the continued structural work for the site content that's been fleshed out (with clarity established in 2018). My intentions are geared towards better presenting and delivering content for users and visitors of the website. It's also another step in the direction of building a business that diversifies my income and is not entirely reliant on my consulting work income (more important than ever during the pandemic and cascading challenges from the season).

This design update will be the third skin of the website since I launched in January 2014 (ignoring the years before where a site with just a few posts lived without any activity). If you navigate around the website, you'll see the old template prominently. If you want to see the original template, you can visit the Wayback machine link here (although it doesn't load entirely right).

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