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Graphic: Freelance Compensation Is Set

To Succeed As A Freelancer, You Need To Get Clear On Your Offering – Here's How [For Steemit]

As part of one my experiments for the month, I'm testing out Steemit, a platform like Medium where writers are compensated with a form of cryptocurrency for creating content the community views and engages with. With my first article, it was both a new topic of satire and platform to publish. It turned out to be a success and looks like I may end up with a payout of over eighteen dollars.

With this success in hand, I wanted to publish a second article and discover how I faired on the followup post to help create a realistic picture of the rewards. As I was thinking about what to write and learning about the community, the topic of freelancing seemed to be a sweet spot for this network of independent people. Since I wrote a book on the topic of freelancing, I thought it could also act as a way for me to write and share concepts from the book while also promoting it at the same time. Since I tackled the topic of creating a stream of clients for a guest blog post I submitted to the Freelancers Union, I decided to tackle the topic of packaging our services in a compelling way for this second Steemit article. It's now live on their platform to help other freelancers make progress on their journey.

Click here to view the Steemit article, To Succeed As A Freelancer, You Need To Get Clear On Your Offering – Here's How

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